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The moonlight mile was founded by the husband/wife team of Garry and Becky Embry in the summer of 2013. The mile is named after one of our favorite Rolling Stones’ songs (song 10 on Sticky Fingers). Our LLC (HTL Greenpoint) is named after a favorite toast “here’s to life” of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (band we love) and our Greenpoint neighborhood that we are residents of and dearly love. Special thanks to Mike and Cathy Crane, Eileen Petitio, Larry Huels, Shawn Lehouiller, Sandy Walker, and Suzanne and Terry Trueb for supporting our idea.  The mile opened in March 2014.  Garry’s prior career included leadership positions with Best Buy and Circuit City, including extensive past experience in opening new stores, staffing/hiring/leadership development, community partnership/relations and customer service. Garry also was a part of one the midwest’s best rock cover bands “tastes like chicken” in the 90’s in St. Louis.  Garry manages and runs the day-to-day operations at the mile. Becky is an attorney, and the mile’s special event decorator extraordinaire. 

We wanted to create a place where everyone is treated great; where everyone, from our employees to our customers, is valued. We understand the choices that customers have and appreciate them spending their time and money with us. We have a passion for American Whiskey (Garry was born and raised in Louisville, KY, hence the love of American Whiskey) and traditional and creative whiskey cocktails. We love a great beer and a nice glass of wine.  Music is also a big part of who we are and what makes the mile such a special place. Our “free” jukebox is a big hit and stocked up with music that defines the mile. So, “here’s to life” and thank you for your support of locally owned and operated businesses. We look forward to seeing you at the mile.

a row of wine glasses

Craft Beers

12 craft beers on tap with rotating selections throughout the seasons.

a glass of beer on a table


Over 12 whiskey-based cocktails and carefully selected, diverse wines.

Our Space

Our space is the result of a collaborative effort led by our General Contractor Gabriel Check. Gabe has built countless beautiful bars and restaurants in NYC. His vision, guidance and execution were key in the build out of the mile.  Jim Morgan of Tall Cotton Supply found and sourced our floors, the wood on the side of the bar and the brick in the front bar.  Our floors are over 100 years old and reclaimed from an abandoned factory in West Virginia.  Gersham Saunders of Quality Hardware Flooring Inc. maintains our historic wood flooring.  The yellow pine on our side walls of the bar is from an old farm house in Georgia. The brick that is in the front of the bar and that lines the bottom of the bar is from an old brewery in Philadelphia.  Our lights above the bar area are chicken feeders turned upside down with features added for the cord and lights. Our back bar has a unique tile that we found on the lower east side in Manhattan. The mounted antique glass piece in our back bar is a fleur-de-lis (which we found in Rhode Island) and is the symbol of both Louisville (where Garry is from) and St. Louis (where Becky and Garry met and lived before they moved to NYC).  Our sound system and projector are the result of the expert advice of Mike Crane (thanks to Sonance, Audio Quest and Epson).  Our beloved jukebox (no charge to play your tunes at the mile) was found on Long Island and is maintained by Danny Elio.  

The art pieces that hang in the mile are by an amazing group of artists. Alex Russell (GPT resident) did the “skull painting” that is on our front wall.  Jill Seitz (GPT resident) did the backwall painting titled “to the moon and black.” She painted on parchment paper and used Old Forester (our house whiskey) for the brown coloring.  Mark King (GPT resident) created the string art pictures of David Bowie and Tom Petty that also hang on our back wall.  Mark Havens’ photos of Wildwood NJ (reminded us of our love of Asbury Park, NJ) are from his book “out of season” and hang in the front next to the bar.  Our vintage Mick Jagger picture hanging in the back of the bar was a gift from Kerry Martinez (US Bombs, Shattered Faith, UXB and GPT resident).  And, last but not least, our custom “Here’s to Life” mile bourbon barrel head, which hangs on the wall opposite the bar, was a thoughtful gift from our wonderful Louisville friends, the Kuntzs, Zickels and Sheryaks.