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Specialty Cocktails

Specialty Cocktails


Specialty Cocktails

All Specialty Cocktails Priced at $12


Hot Winter Cocktails

Hot Winter Cocktails


Hot Winter Cocktails

All Specialty Cocktails Priced at $12


Whiskey/Bourbon Flights

Whiskey/Bourbon Flights


Whiskey/Bourbon Flights




Breaker Bourbon | California

Charbay R5 Hop Flavored Whiskey | California

Sonoma County No. 1 Bourbon | California

Sonoma County Rye Whiskey | California

St. George Single Malt lot no. SM016 | California

A. D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon | Colorado

A. D. Laws Rye | Colorado

Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey | Colorado

Colorado Gold Single Barrel | Colorado

Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey | Colorado

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey | Colorado

Few Bourbon Whiskey | Illinois

Few Rye Whiskey | Illinois

Few Single Malt Whiskey | Illinois

Koval Four Grain | Illinois

Koval Midwest Wheat | Illinois

Koval Single Barrel Oat | Illinois

Koval Single Barrel Rye | Illinois

Koval Single Barrel-Bourbon | Illinois

Koval Single Barrel-Millet | Illinois

Templeton Rye Small Batch | Iowa

1792 Ridgemont Reserve | Kentucky

Angel's Envy | Kentucky

Angel's Envy Rye | Kentucky

Baker's 7 Year Bourbon | Kentucky

Barterhouse 20 Year Bourbon | Kentucky

Basil Hayden's Bourbon | Kentucky

Bernheim Wheat | Kentucky

Blade and Bow 22 Year Bourbon | Kentucky

Blantons Single Barrel | Kentucky

Booker's 7 Year Bourbon | Kentucky

Buffalo Trace Bourbon 90 Proof | Kentucky

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project | Kentucky

Bulleit 95 Rye | Kentucky

Bulleit Bourbon | Kentucky

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year | Kentucky

Corsair Quinoa Whiskey | Kentucky

Corsair Ryemageddon | Kentucky

Corsair Triple Smoke | Kentucky

Eagle Rare | Kentucky

E.H. Taylor Jr. Barrel Proof | Kentucky

E.H. Taylor Jr. Single Barrel | Kentucky

E.H. Taylor Jr. Small Batch | Kentucky

E.H. Taylor Jr. Rye | Kentucky

Elijah Craig Small Batch 12 Year | Kentucky

Elmer T. Lee | Kentucky

Evan Williams Cinnamon | Kentucky

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage | Kentucky

Five Fathers Rye | Kentucky

Four Roses Bourbon | Kentucky

Four Roses Limited Edition 2014 Single Barrel | Kentucky

Four Roses Limited Edition 2014 Small Batch | Kentucky

Four Roses Limited Edition 2015 Small Batch | Kentucky

Four Roses Single Barrel | Kentucky

Four Roses Small Batch | Kentucky

James Pepper 1776 Six Year Bourbon | Kentucky

James Pepper 1776 Rye | Kentucky

Jefferson's Reserve Very Old Straight Bourbon | Kentucky

Jim Bean Distiller's Masterpiece | Kentucky

Jim Beam Honey | Kentucky

Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 Year | Kentucky

Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon | Kentucky

Knob Creek Rye Small Batch | Kentucky

Knob Creek Straight Bourbon | Kentucky

Larceny Bourbon Small Batch 92 Proof | Kentucky

Maker's 46 | Kentucky

Maker's Mark | Kentucky

Medley Brothers Straight Bourbon Whiskey | Kentucky

Medley Family Private Selection | Kentucky

Mellow Corn Bonded | Kentucky

Michter's Single Barrel Straight Rye | Kentucky

Michter's Small Batch Bourbon | Kentucky

Michter's Sour Mash | Kentucky

Michter's 10 Year Bourbon | Kentucky

Michter's Unblended American Whiskey | Kentucky

Noah's Mill Bourbon | Kentucky

Old Forester 100 Proof Signature | Kentucky

Old Forester 86 Proof | Kentucky

Old Forester 1870 Original Batch | Kentucky

Old Grand-Dad 100 Bourbon | Kentucky

Old Grand-Dad 114 Bourbon | Kentucky

Old Grand-Dad 80 Bourbon | Kentucky

Old Medley 12 Year Bourbon Whiskey | Kentucky

Old Overholt Straight Rye | Kentucky

Old Weller Antique | Kentucky

Pearse Lyons Reserve | Kentucky

Pikesville Straight Rye | Kentucky

Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve | Kentucky

Rittenhouse Rye | Kentucky

Rowans Creek Bourbon | Kentucky

Russell's Reserve Bourbon 10 Year | Kentucky

Russell's Reserve Rye 6 Year | Kentucky

Sazerac Rye | Kentucky

Stagg Jr. | Kentucky

Town Branch Bourbon | Kentucky

Town Branch Rye | Kentucky

W. L. Weller 12 Year | Kentucky

W. L. Weller Special Reserve | Kentucky

Wathens Kentucky Bourbon Single Barrel | Kentucky

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary | Kentucky

Wild Turkey Forgiven Limited Edition | Kentucky

Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon | Kentucky

Wild Turkey 81 Rye | Kentucky

Wild Turkey 101 | Kentucky

Wild Turkey 101 Rye | Kentucky

Willet Family Pot Still Reserve Bourbon | Kentucky

Willet Rye 110 Proof | Kentucky

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon | Kentucky

Woodford Reserve Rye | Kentucky

Woodford Reserve Straight Malt Whiskey | Kentucky

Gunpowder Rye | Massachusetts

Berkshire Bourbon Whiskey | Massachusetts

Hatter Royale Hop Flavored Whiskey | Michigan

Black Dirt Bourbon | New York

Black Dirt Single Barrel Bourbon | New York

Blackfly Bourbon (Gristmill Distillers) | New York

Catskill Provisions New York Honey | New York

Coppersea Unaged Raw Rye | New York

Hillrock Double Cask Rye Whiskey | New York

Hillrock Single Malt Whiskey | New York

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey | New York

Hudson Four Grain Whiskey | New York

Hudson Manhattan Rye | New York

Hudson NY Corn Whiskey | New York

Iron Smoke Apple Wood Smoked Whiskey | New York

McKenzie Bourbon 91 Proof | New York

McKenzie Pot Stilled Whiskey | New York

McKenzie Rye | New York

Rusty Piton (Gristmill Distillers) | New York

Widow Jane Straight Bourbon | NY:  Brooklyn

Kings County Bourbon Whiskey | NY:  Brooklyn

Kings County Chocolate Whiskey | NY:  Brooklyn

Kings County Moonshine | NY:  Brooklyn

Molly's Whiskey | NY:  Brooklyn

Stillhouse American Whiskey | NY: Brooklyn

Stillhouse Bourbon Whiskey | NY: Brooklyn

Stillhouse Moonshine Whiskey | NY: Brooklyn

Stillhouse Rye | NY: Brooklyn

Stillhouse Single Malt | NY: Brooklyn

77 New York Rye & Corn | NY: Brooklyn

77 New York Wheat | NY:  Brooklyn

Pine Barrens Single Malt | NY: Long Island

Troy & Sons Oak Whiskey Reserve | North Carolina

OYO Bourbon Reserve | Ohio

OYO Pumpernickel Rye | Ohio

OYO Rye Whiskey Barreling Strength | Ohio

OYO Wheat Whiskey | Ohio

Dead Guy Whiskey Rogue | Oregon

Rogue Oregon Rye | Oregon

Rogue Single Malt Whiskey | Oregon

Whipper Snapper Whiskey | Oregon

Bomberger's American Whiskey | Pennsylvania

Hochstadter's Straight Rye | Pennsylvania

Hochstadter's Slow and Low Rye | Pennsylvania

George Dickel # 8 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey | Tennessee

George Dickel Rye Whiskey 90 Proof | Tennessee

George Dickel Select 86 | Tennessee

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 | Tennessee

Prichard's Double Barreled Bourbon | Tennessee

Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey | Texas

Balcones Brimstone Corn Whiskey | Texas

Balcones Single Malt | Texas

Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon | Texas

High West Campfire | Utah

High West A Midwinter's Nights Dram Act 3 | Utah

High West Double Rye | Utah

High West Rendezvous Rye | Utah

High West Silver OMG Pure Rye | Utah

High West Silver Whiskey Western Oat | Utah

High West Bourye | Utah

High West American Prairie Reserve | Utah

Whistle Pig Straight Rye Whiskey | Vermont

Catoctin Creek Kings Mountain American Malt | Vermont

Catoctin Creek Cask Proof Roundstone Rye | Virginia

Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye 80 | Virginia

Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye 92 | Virginia

Catoctin Mosby's Spirit | Virginia

Copper Fox Rye Whiskey | Virginia

John J Bowman | Virginia

VA Highland Whiskey | Virginia

Wasmund's Single Malt American Whiskey | Virginia

OOLA Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey | Washington

Westland American Single Malt | Washington

Westland Peated Single Malt | Washington

Westland Sherry Wood Single Malt | Washington

Old Scout American Whiskey | West Virginia

Old Scout Smooth Ambler 7 Year Bourbon | West Virginia

Old Scout Smooth Ambler Straight Rye | West Virginia

Smooth Ambler Contradiction | West Virginia









Wines & Snacks

Wines & Snacks


Red Wine

White Wine and Rose


laluca Prosecco (Italy)

This off-dry style is extremely appealing.  There is a touch of minerality, playing nicely against the subtle sweetness.

Glass | $10 | Bottle | $36




Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel

Righteous Felon Victorious B.I.G., Che-Potle Guevara, O.G. Hickory & Habanero Escobar $7 Bag

Spanish Cocktail Mix $3 or $5